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Lampi Foundation

Come visit the “Moken” villages of Lampi Marine National Park. Learn about the incredible flora and fauna and join us in giving back to the community during your stay at Wa Ale

The Lampi Foundation was founded to help fund social welfare and conservation projects in and around the Lampi Marine National Park in the Myeik Archipelago

The Foundation is funded through efforts of the Wa Ale Island Resort and other contributing partners; including The Global Medical Volunteers and The Wildlife Conservation Society

Working with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Ministry of Environmental Conservation and Forestry of the Union of Myanmar; Lampi Foundation built the first sea turtle hatchery in Lampi Marine National Park to help provide a safe environment for the Green and Leatherback turtles that nest on the island of Wa Ale

The Lampi Foundation also supports and helps fund and provide training for a local medical clinic and schools in the villages of Salet Galet and May Kyone Galet. The foundation regularly provides supplies, equipment and medicine for the local inhabitants of the 2 villages

Through eco-tourism, Wa Ale Resorts pledges to annually donate 20% of net profits and 2% of room revenues from Wa Ale Island Resort to the Lampi Foundation

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