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It All Started With A Love Affair

A dream of Chris and Farina Kingsley’s, Wa Ale is a special unspoiled retreat, born out of their love of Myanmar and its people

The brainchild of Chris and Farina Kingsley, Wa Ale was born out of their love for a country, its people and its unspoiled paradise. Their dream: the first luxury eco-resort to open the doors of Myanmar’s untouched Myeik Archipelago to the world; it is a haute-bohemian utopia that all began with a couple’s spirit of adventure and heart of purpose. Wa Ale, offering the epitome of luxury and comfort without impacting the environment in any way; not a single tree removed.

“Wa Ale is everything that is right in the world, the way exotic resorts should be built, and luxurious wilderness explorations taken.

“We are proud that sustainability drives every single business and operating decision, that it is woven into the very fabric of who we are and what we offer.”

“Every guest who stays at Wa Ale shares these ethos and is contributing to a new movement in responsible and purposeful travel.”

The Lampi Foundation

Wa Ale created the Lampi Foundation to help fund social welfare and conservation projects in and around the Lampi Marine National Park. The foundation is funded through the efforts of Wa ale while working with other NGO partners, including: The Wild Life Conversation Society, Instituto OIKOS and Global Medical Volunteers

One of Lampi Foundation’s most significant projects in 2016 was the development of turtle hatchery in the Lampi Marine National Park to help provide a safe environment for the Green, Hawksbill and Leatherback Turtles that nest on the island of Wa Ale

Our Pledge

Wa ale pledges to annually donate 20% of net profits and 2% of room revenues to the Lampi Foundation. It is Wa Ale commitment to help preserve and protect the Lampi Marine National Park under the guidance of the Myanmar government with the intention to set a precedent for future tourism projects in the Myeik  Archipelago



    The Myanmar Forestry Department held an open tender in June 2015 and advertised in several Myanmar newspapers for the lease of land for development of an eco-resort on the island of Wa Ale. Christopher Kingsley of Benchmade Asia Pte Ltd., submitted a bid for the acreage on Wa Ale against other local and international companies. Benchmade Asia’s proposal included the development of a small eco-resort that emphasized conservation with the commitment to give back to the Lampi Marine National Park and local communities through the Lampi Foundation



    • Strictly follow Forestry’s guidelines for sustainable development and responsible business practice

    • No cutting of large trees

    • Protection of sand dunes

    • No large piers constructed on coral reefs

    • No major commercial laundry facilities

    • Provide protection for turtle nesting on the island of Wa Ale

    • Provide jobs for local communities and give back to the community

    • 20% of all Wa Ale profits will fund the Lampi Foundation

    • 2% of all Wa Ale room revenues will help fund the Lampi Foundation

    • No digging of deep water wells. Water access is from an island stream and rainwater harvesting. Waste water treatment system using the Kubota Johkasou with the BOD removal ratio > 90% recommended by E-Guard


    • Sustainable construction without use of piling equipment with a focus on reducing waste, pollution and harm to the island’s environment

    • Most wood materials are recycled from old homes, warehouses and boats from Myanmar

    • 100 % of labour force for construction is from licensed Myanmar building contractor and workers

    • 50 % of energy at the camp is generated from solar energy

    • No digging of deep water wells. Water access is from an island stream and rainwater harvesting. Waste water treatment system using the Kubota Johkasou with the BOD removal ratio > 90% recommended by E-Guard



    • Sea Turtle Conservation:

      Through Lampi Foundation, Wa ale has developed a conservation program and hatchery on the island of Wa Ale. In the past 2 years over 40 sea turtle nests have been protected; including Leatherback Turtles, a species thought to have disappeared from Myanmar. With over 100 baby sea turtles per nest, we have saved over 4000 sea turtles by guarding nests from poaching. Prior to Wa Ale’s assignment of Wa Ale, Dr. Steven Platt of Wildlife Conservation Society’s 2012 Report states that most turtle nests were being harvested by humans for the sale of the turtle eggs

    • Coral Protection:

      Wa Ale will be installing sea moorings for dive boats and sea vessels within the Lampi Marine National Park to help preserve coral destruction by the anchors of local fishing boats

    • Local Employment:

      Wa Ale will be employing over 100 local people on a permanent basis, encouraging the employees to act as the stewards of Lampi Marine National Park

    • Charitable Donations:

      Through the Lampi Foundation, schools on Ma Kyone Galet and Salet Galet have been repaired and provided supplies and desks. Medical supplies have been supplied to Ma Kyone Galet’s medical clinic and 3 weekend beach cleanups have been organized by Wa Ale staff. Lampi Foundation has also provided a grant to the World Conservation Society (WCS) to implement educational seminar for 3 local fishing villages on the importance of saving sea turtles



    Wa Ale Ecotourism Project

    Environmental Impact Assessment Report