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June 12, 2024

Unforgettable Activities and Experiences at Wa Ale Resort

Wa Ale Resort offers an unparalleled blend of luxury and adventure. Our eco-friendly haven is located on a private island in Myanmar’s Lampi Marine National Park, so whether you are seeking relaxation, wildlife encounters, or exhilarating activities, Wa Ale Resort provides an array of unforgettable experiences. Here’s a detailed look at the exciting activities that await you.

Embrace Nature at Wa Ale

Guided Nature Tours

Wa Ale Resort is a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts. Embark on guided wildlife tours to explore the island’s lush jungles, majestic mangroves and diverse ecosystems. Our knowledgeable local guides will lead you through the dense mangroves and coastal forests, where you can observe a variety of flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled for the island’s resident hornbills, sea turtles, and flying fox bats. These tours not only offer a chance to witness natural beauty up close but also promote conservation awareness and explain how Wa Ale is preserving the habitats of the creatures who inhabit the island and its surrounds. 

Visit the Conservation Center 

Located conveniently next to our River Café, our beautiful viewing platform was constructed for optimal wildlife sightings in a serene and relaxing setting. Peruse our bird board and scan the jungle canopy for hornbills, racket-tailed drongos and pond herons, amongst many other bird species that call Wa Ale home. The surrounding wilderness might also afford a glimpse of reticulated pythons, clouded monitor lizards, several species of primate or even the elusive palm civet. Grab a drink from the River Café, settle in with your binoculars and soak in your surroundings.

Dive into Marine Adventures

Snorkeling and Diving

The crystal-clear waters surrounding Wa Ale Resort are teeming with marine life, making it a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. Discover vibrant coral reefs and swim alongside exotic fish, sea turtles, and occasionally, gentle manta rays. The resort provides high-quality snorkeling and diving gear, ensuring a safe and enjoyable underwater experience for all skill levels.

Our House Reef is situated near Canyon Cove, around ten minutes by boat from Wa Ale. A beautiful, fringing reef covered in mushroom corals awaits, along with porites and lettuce coral. Sea life such as clownfish, damsels and parrotfish call this reef home, and can be viewed in abundance at this Wa Ale exclusive snorkeling destination.

Kayaking and Paddleboarding

For those who prefer to stay above the water, kayaking and paddleboarding are perfect activities. Glide through the calm waters of our very own Mangrove Bay, Galet River, Canyon Cove and more. The warm, still waters are complemented with a sandy bottom, perfect for frequent dips. Further out, watch as the reef life begins to emerge in the deeper blue, complete with darting schools of fish. Our team will be able to advise the best spots for you and we have an array of guided and unguided routes for you to choose from. 

Rejuvenate with Wellness Activities

Self-Care Spa Treatments

Pamper yourself with luxurious spa treatments that incorporate natural ingredients. The resort’s skilled therapists offer a range of massages and therapies designed to relieve stress and enhance well-being. Whether you choose a deep tissue massage or a soothing facial, the serene environment enhances the overall experience.

Yoga and Meditation

Wa Ale Resort emphasizes holistic wellness, offering daily yoga and meditation sessions. Practice yoga on the resort’s open-air deck, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. These sessions are designed to rejuvenate your mind and body, providing a perfect balance of relaxation and physical activity.

Jungle Gym

Join our instructors for a range of classes from HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, to strength training. If you’d rather exercise without a guide, our jungle gym is open to you whenever a class isn’t in session. Make full use of free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls and multiple TRX suspension trainers. At the far end of Turtle Beach, the jungle gym offers lovely views of the ocean in between rocky cliffs and sheltering trees. Set back into the lush vegetation, the jungle gym is designed to be shady at any time of day, with a soft breeze to cool you off as you work out. 

Indulge in Culinary Delights

Wa Ale Resort takes pride in its farm-to-table dining concept. Enjoy gourmet meals prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The resort’s chefs craft exquisite dishes that reflect the flavors of Myanmar and international cuisine. Dine in the elegant restaurant or opt for a romantic, private beach dinner under the stars.

Adventure Awaits: Excursions and Day Trips

Explore Cultural and Community Projects

Explore the Myeik Archipelago with guided island-hopping excursions. Visit nearby islands, each with their own unique charm and attractions. Meet local people, enjoy snorkelling, swimming, or simply relax on pristine, deserted beaches. These day trips offer an excellent opportunity to experience the broader beauty of the region.

Wa Ale Resort is committed to sustainable tourism and community support. Participate in cultural excursions that provide insight into the local way of life. The resort also supports various community and conservation projects, allowing guests to contribute positively to the island’s preservation.

Hiking and Trekking

For those who prefer to explore on foot, hiking and trekking trails provide a relaxed way to explore Wa Ale’s natural landscape. Follow scenic paths through the jungle, leading to breathtaking viewpoints and hidden waterfalls. These hikes cater to various fitness levels, ensuring everyone can enjoy the island’s rugged beauty.

Plan Your Stay at Wa Ale Resort

Wa Ale Resort is more than just a luxury getaway; it’s an immersive experience that connects you with nature, adventure, and local culture. Whether you are looking to relax, explore, or indulge in gourmet dining, the resort offers something for everyone. Book your stay today and discover the magic of Wa Ale Island.

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May 23, 2024

Discover the Diverse Wildlife of Wa Ale: A Sanctuary of Biodiversity

Nestled within the pristine waters of the Myeik Archipelago in Myanmar, Wa Ale Island Resort is not just a luxurious escape; it is a haven of biodiversity, home to an array of extraordinary wildlife. Our private island resort is committed to conservation, offering a sanctuary for endangered species and an immersive experience for nature enthusiasts. From the vibrant Hornbills to the nocturnal Flying Fox bats, the island’s incredibly rich ecosystem is a testament to the resort’s dedicated environmental stewardship. 

The Lampi Foundation, founded by Wa Ale’s owner Christopher Kinglsey, plays a pivotal role in the conservation efforts on Wa Ale Island and the surrounding regions of the Myeik Archipelago in Myanmar. As a non-profit organization, the foundation focuses on preserving the unique ecosystems and wildlife of the area while supporting sustainable development and community engagement.

The Majestic Hornbills

Majestic hornbill birds in the trees of Wa Ale Island

One of the most iconic residents of Wa Ale Island is the Hornbill. These striking birds, with their impressive beaks and vibrant plumage, are a sight to behold as they soar through the forest canopy. Hornbills play a crucial role in the ecosystem as seed dispersers, aiding in forest regeneration. The resort’s conservation efforts include protecting the dense forests that these birds call home, ensuring that they have ample habitat to thrive and grow their population.

The Enigmatic Flying Fox Bats

Flying Fox bats in the Mangrove trees at Wa Island Resort

As the sun sets over Wa Ale, the skies come alive with the fluttering of Flying Foxes. These large fruit bats are essential pollinators, contributing to the health of the island’s forests. The resort’s commitment to preserving their habitat involves protecting the roosting sites and the fruit-bearing trees that sustain these nocturnal creatures. Guests can witness these bats in action during guided evening tours, gaining a deeper appreciation for their ecological importance.

Turtle Nesting Habits

Turtles hatching at Wa Ale Resort

Wa Ale Island is also a critical nesting site for several species of sea turtles, including the endangered Green Turtle and the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle. The resort has established a turtle conservation program that includes monitoring nesting sites, protecting eggs from predators, and ensuring hatchlings make it safely to the sea. During nesting season, guests have the unique opportunity to participate in turtle releases, a moving experience that underscores the importance of conservation efforts. It is estimated that more than 4,000 green, hawksbill, and leatherback turtles have been saved as a result of our conservation initiatives.

The Rich Mangrove Ecosystem

Exotic bird species nesting in mangroves of Wa Ale Island Resort

The island’s mangrove forests are teeming with life, providing a rich habitat for a diverse array of species. Mangroves are vital for coastal protection and as nurseries for marine life. At Wa Ale, visitors can explore these intricate ecosystems through guided kayaking tours, where they might spot creatures like mudskippers, crabs, and various bird species that depend on the mangroves for survival. The resort actively engages in mangrove reforestation projects to ensure these crucial habitats are preserved for future generations.

Among its many natural wonders, the island’s mangroves are a critical habitat for the formidable saltwater crocodile. These apex predators play a significant role in maintaining the health and balance of the mangrove ecosystem, which is crucial for the overall biodiversity of the region.

Encouraging the Survival of Spectacle Monkeys

Endangered Dusky leaf spectacle monkey at Wa Ale Resort

Among the island’s most remarkable inhabitants are the threatened Spectacle monkey or Dusky Leaf monkey species. These primates, with their distinctive facial markings, are a rare sight. The resort’s conservation initiatives focus on habitat preservation and anti-poaching measures to protect these vulnerable creatures. By maintaining the integrity of the island’s forests and educating guests about the importance of primate conservation, Wa Ale helps ensure the survival of these unique monkeys.

The Rich Waters of Wa Ale Island

Bottlenose Dolphins on the coast of Wa Ale Resort

The pristine waters surrounding Wa Ale Island are not only home to a diverse array of coastal wildlife but also host a rich marine ecosystem, including the charismatic bottlenose dolphins. These intelligent and social marine mammals are a highlight for visitors to the island, contributing to the area’s ecological richness and providing unique opportunities for marine wildlife observation.

Whale sharks are magnificent creatures that roam the waters surrounding the Myeik Archipelago. However, while whale sharks are known to inhabit the waters of the Andaman Sea, including areas near Wa Ale, sightings of these gentle giants are rare.

Wa Ale’s Commitment to Conservation

Wa Ale Island Resort goes beyond providing luxury accommodations; it is deeply committed to sustainable practices and conservation. The resort operates in harmony with nature, implementing eco-friendly initiatives such as solar power, rainwater harvesting, and organic farming. Additionally, a portion of the resort’s profits funds the Lampi Foundation, which supports local community projects and conservation efforts in the Myeik Archipelago.

The resort’s comprehensive conservation strategy includes wildlife monitoring, habitat restoration, and environmental education. By partnering with local and international conservation organizations, Wa Ale ensures that its initiatives are based on the latest scientific research and best practices. Guests are encouraged to participate in conservation activities, from tree planting to beach clean-ups, fostering a sense of stewardship and connection to the natural world.

Preserving the Myeik Archipelago for future generations

Wa Ale Island Resort is more than just a travel destination; it is a beacon of conservation, showcasing the incredible biodiversity of the Myeik Archipelago. The harmonious coexistence of luxury and nature provides guests with a unique opportunity to experience and contribute to the preservation of this ecological treasure. Whether marvelling at the colorful Hornbills, witnessing the nightly flights of the Flying Fox bats, or participating in turtle conservation efforts, visitors leave Wa Ale with a profound appreciation for the delicate balance of life on this extraordinary island.

Experience Wa Ale Island Resort and be part of a conservation legacy that ensures the protection and thriving of its diverse wildlife for generations to come – book now.

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May 3, 2024

Why Wa Ale Resort Remains a Safe Haven Amidst Myanmar’s Political Climate in 2024

When planning to visit the beautiful country of Myanmar, we understand the need to be mindful of the current political climate. Despite ongoing challenges in the country, Wa Ale Resort provides a safe haven that offers an idyllic escape for those seeking an extraordinary experience in the natural paradise the country offers. Our guests’ safety is our top priority and this blog post will explore why Wa Ale Resort remains a secure and enjoyable destination to visit in 2024.

A private Island offering tranquillity and showcasing the unspoilt beauty of Myanmar

Wa Ale Resort is located on Wa Ale Island, part of the stunning Myeik Archipelago, comprising 800 islands in southern Myanmar. The secluded location of our beautiful resort makes it an ideal getaway for couples celebrating a special occasion, travellers looking to explore the unspoilt beauty of Myanmar and guests searching for a remote getaway, far removed from urban centers – allowing you to experience Burmese culture in safety, comfort and luxury. We regularly welcome guests from across the world, particularly from Western Europe (such as the UK, Spain, France and Germany). This tranquil retreat is surrounded by pristine beaches and lush jungle, providing an escape from the noise and challenges of the mainland.

Getting to Wa Ale Resort: Our commitment to your safety and security

Due to the remote location of the island, Wa Ale is perfectly positioned for guests to experience the unique Burmese culture safely and take in the natural beauty and wildlife it has to offer. 

We take the safety and well-being of our guests very seriously and we take every possible measure to ensure your trip is smooth, including getting to and from the island. Due to our proximity to the Thai border, we recommend all guests fly into Thailand where we arrange a free car transfer followed by a free boat transfer (available on Tuesdays and Saturdays each week – supplement applies for those choosing to travel on other days). After you land in Ranong Thailand, our staff will be with you every step of the way, ensuring that your journey is smooth and comfortable. 

Our guests usually fly from Bangkok to Ranong, Thailand, with AirAsia. There is a daily flight between Bangkok and Ranong with AirAsia. Another option is to take a car from Phuket to Ranong, with the drive taking approximately three and a half hours. Whether you fly or drive, our staff will collect you from either Ranong airport or the Ranong Border and take care of immigration at both Ranong (Thailand) and Kawthaung (Myanmar).

If you have any questions or concerns about your journey to Wa Ale, our team is available to provide assistance and information to help you feel at ease when planning your visit. 

Our expert staff are here to help you and ensure a stay in comfort and luxury

Wa Ale Resort’s local team is trained to prioritise guest safety and well-being above all else. Their professionalism and dedication ensure a seamless and secure stay for all visitors.

We keep our guests informed about any changes or updates that may impact your travel plans. We maintain open lines of communication with visitors via email and Whatsapp, to ensure that our guests have peace of mind and can focus on enjoying an unforgettable and unique vacation.

The allure of Wa Ale Resort’s natural beauty and array of experiences remains unmatched. Guests can partake in activities such as snorkelling, diving, and kayaking in crystal-clear waters, as well as exploring the vibrant jungle and its wildlife. These immersive experiences offer an opportunity to connect with the untouched nature unique to Myanmar. 

Wa Ale Resort stands as a safe and tranquil escape in 2024, ensuring that your visit to Myanmar is comfortable and luxurious. Our remote location, commitment to safety, expert local staff, and continuous communication ensure a secure and unforgettable experience for guests. If you’re looking for a serene retreat that combines luxury with tranquillity, Wa Ale Resort should be at the top of your travel list. We look forward to welcoming you.